A Christmas Shopping Experience

As ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ looms forbodingly over our Thanksgiving holiday, Hickman County, Centerville and Bon Aqua offers another Christmas shopping experience, not incredibly dissimilar from the one described in 1885.
An article from the December 18, 1885 edition of the Hickman County Pioneer newspaper:
“CHRISTMAS” Some Good Things on Hand for the Holidays.
The coming Christmas promises to be an unusually quiet one among our people.

AMONG THE MERCHANTS: A little stroll around town among the advertisers in the Pioneer, developed the fact that Centreville is abundantly supplied with pretty and good things for the season, enough to supply all and nice enough to please the most fastidious. The beauty about it is, too, every article is remarkably cheap, cheaper than we ever saw before.
  • At Dr. J.H. Phillips’ City Drug Store a sight meets the eye that is at once delightful. Toys, albums, pocket knives, dolls, vases, china sets, perfumery, etc., in great variety and abundance. The Doctor is also making extensive improvements in his drug and staple department.
  • Messrs. Walker & Barnwell have a beautiful stock of Christmas goods, such as vases, dolls, toys, fancy stationery, etc. They also have a lovely line of ladies’ cloaks, dry goods, dress goods and general merchandise, as well as furniture of every description; also Tennessee wagons.
  • Messrs. Bates Bros. & Co. have their usual stock of general goods.
  • The Messrs. Clagett have a very large stock of general merchandise as usual.
  • Mr. J.H. Russell has a very large stock of furniture, many articles of which are entirely appropriate for presents. He also carries lumber, funeral goods, etc. He also handles wagons and machinery.
  • Mr. S.L. Dodd at the Nashville Store has a large stock of pretty dress goods, notions and general dry goods.
  • The goods at the store of E.G. Thompson are going rapidly, because of their unusual cheapness, they being sold at trustee’s sale. They consist of a general assortment of goods.
  • Mr. S.A. Craig has his usual stock of general goods, such as dry goods, groceries, hardware, plows, boots, shoes, etc.
  • P. Gray & Bro. have a most beautiful stock of everything pertaining to the drug line, such as drugs, medicines, dyestuffs, brushes, perfumery, tobacco, snuff, cigars, pipes, etc.
  • Koehler’s bakery is supplied with wagon-loads of toys, dolls, Chinese lanterns, and other Christmas goods, as well as great stacks of cakes, candies, cheese, crackers, canned goods, and other good things to eat.
  • Mr. Barrett has a stock of handsome jewelry, also clocks, watches, etc.
  • Mrs. Freeman’s City Lunch Room presents its usual inviting and neat appearance and is ready to supply at any time candies, jelly, pickles, cakes pies, canned goods, tobacco, cigars, etc.
  • Miss Marcia Raymond, the fashionable milliner, has not only a good stock of hats, bonnets, plumes, etc., but a beautiful assortment of Christmas goods, such as toys, pictures, etc.
  • Mr. John P. Broom’s clever face beams out serenely from behind his counters, over which he is prepared to hand out any amount of staple and fancy groceries, etc.
  • Our barber, Freeman de Graffenreid, is always at his post and ready to serve all customers. He is an excellent barber.
  • The First National Bank will be open during all the holidays and the clever cashier, Mr. Walker, cordially invites his numerous friends to call and see him.
  • The Messrs. Huddleston are still keeping fine horses, buggies, etc., for public accommodation. They also buy mules, hogs, etc.
  • The Centreville Hotel is a number-one place for the traveling public to stop at.
  • Last, but not least, a stock of beautiful and good books can be seen at the Hickman Pioneer office, and are offered very cheap—many of them at half their usual price, for Christmas trade only.


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